Website Design

Is your business accessible to the online world?

Without an online presence, you are literally

 INVISIBLE to MILLIONS” of potential clients!


A website is today's most cost-effective, furthest reaching marketing tool available. Let BLAIR Technologies help you create an online presence that gives your current and potential customers access to everything they want and need to know about you and your business / organization all with only the click of a button. Don't leave them guessing. Your philosophy of doing business should be clear right from the start.

 "Wow" them by giving them access to the latest information. By having an engaging website you show that caring for your customers, which in turn will generate customer loyalty and return business.


Does your virtual image appeal to your defined target market?

Your website should be geared towards your existing and potential clients. Complete information about your company and your services should be readily available in the format that is best suited to your target market.


Even the best idea can fail without a well planned execution.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time!

By having a strong project manager who understands the development process along with utilizing first-class web designers, engineers and developers, BLAIR Technologies is able to create successful online solutions that ensure a smooth transition from the drawing board to the screen.

At BLAIR Technologies, every project is developed in stages.

·         The concept is where it all starts. We work with you to gather information on what you are looking to achieve as an end result.

·         Next, we develop a prototype for your approval.

·         Once a prototype has been successfully completed and approved, full-scale development begins. Design, creativity, database integration and e-commerce components are melded into a single seamless solution.

·         Quality Assurance and comprehensive usability testing is then implemented.

·         Lastly, we provide knowledge transfer to the client through training sessions.


With years of experience developing some of the World Wide Web’s best online
solutions, BLAIR Technologies is your best bet for viable cost-effective results.

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