Success Stories

The following are some success stories that Blair Technologies has had over the years.  We feel that a true success is a client that after the project is complete, calls on Blair Technologies to work with them again on additional projects and that our past clients are our current clients.  Working in and with small business is not only completing successful projects, but the development of a relationship.  Blair Technologies enjoys learning our client's business process and assisting them to identify ways to improve those processes.

"Have you been frustrated to find out that your favorite band played near you last night and you missed it?"

"Have you been frustrated to find out that your favorite band's tickets went on sale yesterday and they're already sold out or prime seats are not available?"

Out of this frustration was born. Over 5 years ago, Michael Blair, Founder & CEO, developed the concept of ListeningStyle to deal with the lack of a centralized system to view favorite artists' tour schedules, to be alerted when an artist was going on tour and when tickets would go on sale. 

Where ListeningStyle differeniates itself from the other music mashups and automated tour schedule emails, is the content on the site is aggregrated together, filtered and expanded upon by music lovers, like you!  ListeningStyle takes advantage of the Web 2.0 API technology of Rhapsody, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, Eventful, Ticketmaster and Google as a foundation, then our staff goes through each artist (currently over two thousand) to "fill in the gaps".

ListeningStyle prides itself as being a music portal that provides an online music community for people who appreciate the live music experience and discovering new artists.  This community allows: members to catalog their favorite artists; view album reviews, artist biographies, and concert tour schedules; purchase music and concert tickets; listen to streaming music; interact with the ListeningStyle community through online trivia games, contests, and discussion boards; and allow musicians and venues to promote their music in a central forum.

Boston Ski & Sports Club

The Boston Ski & Sports Club is a Coed Club which organizes sporting leagues and activities, social events and travels for the active professional in the Boston metro area. With the Club being rooted in highly professional customer service, it saw that making significant changes to its current website was vital to the longevity of the Club.

"BSSC has been fortunate to be a client of Blair Technologies’ for almost four years. In August of 2002, our small, but established company contracted Blair Technologies to redesign our website with a new look and feel, architecture and administrative functionality so that we could manage our own content. In this project, they worked well with us to understand our needs and guide us to further useful technology so that we could bring greater convenience to our customers and greater efficiencies to our business. They continue to be responsive web developers to address issues and suggest further improvements.

With the new website launched and working well, our company turned to Blair Technologies again to undertake the development of an entire management system which would be the backbone for our day to day business operations. It will be a reliable, secure, versatile database which stores over 40K participant and activity records; provides functionality to streamline manual registration and tracking processes; and enables more sophisticated marketing and online customer access to accounts and registration.

We’ve have enjoyed working with Blair Technologies in these important development projects. They demonstrate a strong ability to listen to and understand the client’s needs and circumstances. A positive attitude, even-keeled personality and solid communication skills make them a strong partner in collaboration. They exhibit a strong work ethic and dedication to following through on their commitments and driving difficult projects to completion."

Sharon A. Brigham
General Manager

Sophia's Hearth Family Center

Sophia's Hearth Family Center founded in 1998, in Keene, NH provides holistic educational programs within the region for parents and their young children from conception through age three. Sophia's Hearth Family Center is also a national center for professional early childhood teacher training, research and dissemination. A model childcare program will open at the completion of the new facility in Keene.

Blair Technologies was responsible for website design, layout, development and hosting. In addition, a complete Content Management System (CMS) was developed for Sophia's Hearth to be able to administer all of the website content.

"The goal for our new website was to have a content management system that would enable us to work internally and primarily independently to maintain the major components of our site. Michael has enabled us to meet this goal!"

Susan Weber

Carus Publishing

Cricket Magazine Group began with the launch of CRICKET® in 1973. Marianne Carus, founder and Editor-in-Chief, was determined to create a literary childrens magazine that would appeal to a childs intellect and imagination. She insisted upon publishing only the highest quality childrens literature and selected world-class illustrators to produce the art accompanying the stories. CRICKET began offering top-quality childrens literature 30 years ago, and since then they have created a line of beautifully illustrated literary publications for children of all ages.

In 2004, Blair Technologies took over all website and database development for Cricket Magazine. Working closely with Carus Publishing staff, Blair Technologies not only continues to extend the functionality of the website, but has increased the speed of the site and information retrieval 10 fold, which in turn has allow Carus to increase online sales over the past year.

Anaconda Tattoo and Piercing

Anaconda Tattoo and Piercing is a tattoo and piercing center with over 17 years experience in the industry. Ray Scott, owner and expert artist, worked with Blair Technologies to develop a highly professional website that demonstrates his work, as well as, provides information on the tattooing and piercing process.

Blair Technologies was responsible for website design, layout, development and hosting. In addition, a complete Content Management System (CMS) was developed for Anaconda to be able to administer all of the website content and has provided invaluable during the holiday session for in-store promotions and sales.

Lambs & Thyme

Lambs & Thyme Herbal Products , a Richmond, New Hampshire company has enjoyed more than 15 years of offering country stores and consumers handpacked herb dip mixes and blends. Lambs & Thyme currently produces more than 100 herbal products and accessories with four full-time employees, and four part-time employees. In addition to the traditional distribution methods, Lambs & Thyme has extended their reach by developing a website that provides product information and an eCommerce function for consumers, an ordering system for resellers, and a product management system for Lambs & Thyme staff.

As business has increased the desire to expand the website’s reach and function has also grown. Blair Technologies worked with Lambs & Thyme staff to enhance the current website structure and function, internal business processes, marketing strategies, and the expansion of the website to increase online orders and marketing.

In an effort to enhance the website function, Blair Technologies migrated the backend database from an Access database to an enterprise database system (SQL Server) that allows for a larger number of simultaneous user connections. In addition to database migration, Blair Technologies modificed the existing ASP code to eliminate system errors for product administration and the consumer shopping experience, while focusing on site usability.

New England Law Library Consortium

The New England Law Library Consortium non-profit corporation is composed of academic (ABA accredited), private non-profit, and government law libraries. The Consortium provides a mechanism to share resources between law libraries for the mutul benefit of its members and the public.

As NELLCO has continued to grow, the need to have a dynamic website that was not only easy to maintain, but provided for user interaction and information sharing has grown. Blair Technologies was contacted to create such a website. The final result is a dynamic website that not only allows NELLCO Members the ability to share vital information, but also contains a user friendly Content Management System that empowers NELLCO's Director to easily maintain all of the content on the site.

"Through the entire process of redesigning the NELLCO web site Michael Blair was responsive to our needs and innovative with solutions. As a result of that collaboration, Blair Technologies has become our IT partner."

Tracy L. Thompson, Executive Director

Monadnock Community Hospital

The major strength of the Monadnock Community Hospital is found in the ability of its physicians and staff to offer extensive services utilizing state-of-the-art technology, while maintaining the personalized care of a community hospital. The 62-bed acute care facility offers Medical, Surgical and Intensive Care; Obstetrics; Pediatrics; and Senior Mental Health services. In addition, a wide variety of outpatient services are available, including Pulmonary, Cardiac and Physical Rehabilitation; 24-hour Emergency Care; a fully equipped laboratory; and an extensive Radiology department. MCH is blessed with strong leadership and a dedicated community that allows them to meet the ever-changing requirements of today's healthcare environment. As that environment changes, MCH is also committed to changing and providing the communities they serve with appropriate and innovative programs.”

MCH sought out the technical expertise of Blair Technologies working as a sub-contractor to Salwen Studios to develop a Hospital intranet, which allows Hospital administration and staff to:

  • post calendar events,
  • items for sale through a bulletin board system,
  • photos of events through a photo gallery,
  • conduct monthly employee surveys,
  • Hospital policies and procedures,
  • along with department specific information.

Southwest Region Planning Commission

The Southwest Region Planning Commission (SWRPC) is one of nine regional planning commissions in New Hampshire established under RSA 36. Their region covers a 36-town area in Cheshire, western Hillsborough, and Sullivan Counties.

The SWRPC has a mission to: "To work in partnership with the communities of the Southwest Region to promote sound decision-making for the conservation and effective management of natural, cultural and economic resources."

Blair Technologies has been working with the SWRPC for many years in the role of systems and network administrator. Additionally, Michael Blair, as a SWRPC employee, was the original network and systems architect using a Windows NT client/server configuration. Working as consultant, Blair Technologies was responsible for upgrading the SWRPC clients and server to the most recent technology, while also providing routine system and network maintenance.

The Round Hearth at Stowe

The Round Hearth at Stowe's mission is to create for their customers the highest standard in fairly priced winter youth ski groups, summer sports camps, and educational retreats and conferences. They accomplish this through the commitment to the highest moral and ethical standards, a healthy safe environment and responsiveness to their customer needs.

Blair Technologies works with Round Hearth to maintain and expand their website in order to fulfill their mission. This has been completed through the development of an integrated Content Management System, as well as, developing new website components as Round Hearth’s business continues to grow.

Vermont CEG

The purpose of the Vermont CEG website is to provide Vermont businesses that generate limited amounts of hazardous waste with information they need about handling hazardous wastes in their operations. The site is based on the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation's Conditionally Exempt Generator (CEG) Handbook: A Hazardous Waste Management Guide for Smaller Vermont Businesses, and includes quizzes for users to test their knowledge, as well as many useful links.

The Vermont CEG On-Line Course wasa collaborative effort between the Vermont Small Business Development Center and the Department of Environmental Conservation's Environmental Assistance Office and Waste Management Division. Funded through a grant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this project was prepared under contract by DSM Environmental and Blair Technologies.

Continental Cable Company

Continental Cable Company and its affiliates have been producing wire rope since 1948. The company has been in the Harcke family for over fifty years and has evolved into a leading manufacturer of custom wire rope and wire rope assemblies. Continental Cable expanded its product line to include extruded cable and an extensive stock of standard cable hardware with the acquisition of GBG Industries in 1989.

"During the process of upgrading our computer system in July of 2003, we lost a substantial portion of our Access databases. Since the person who developed these databases had left the company, the knowledge of re-creating them was also lost. Through a lot of trial and error, most of the information was restored. The final adjustments were made with the help of Michael Blair of Blair Technologies. Mike provided procedures and formulas so that our databases functioned properly again. His responses were timely and very accurate. His help was very much appreciated."

Mary Hebert
Continental Cable Company
Hinsdale, NH

John Brown Limited, Inc.

John Brown Limited knows how to help people raise more money. Over the past 25 years, they have assisted thousands of local, national, and international non-profits exceed their fundraising goals.

In 2003, JBL approached Blair Technologies to extend the functionality of their client management database written in Access. As a database engineer, Michael immediately noticed that they would be greatly served by a re-engineering of the client database. These modifications to the database structure not only increased the speed of the management application, but also ensured that valuable information was not lost due to previous database design.

In addition to redesigning the database structure, the client management application was also redesigned and programmed. These modifications to the application codebase, has allowed for continuing additions to be made to the database and application as JBL has grown and their needs changed.

Monadnock Developmental Services

Monadnock Developmental Services (MDS), based in Keene, NH, is the designated area agency providing support and services to people with developmental disabilities in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire. For over twenty years, MDS has specialized in providing individuals and their families the means to live as independently as possible within their own community. MDS believes services should be provided on an individual basis and in a way that encourages people to contribute their unique gifts to the larger society.

MDS sought out the technical expertise of Blair Technologies to migrate their segregated mailing lists into a single centralized relational database. Blair Technologies was hired to conduct a discovery analysis and develop a cost estimate for the project’s completion. The following is a list of tasks included in the migration project.

  • Have the ability to precisely select clients from the database,
  • Have the ability to filter the clients by various criteria,
  • Eliminate client duplication, which in turn will reduce postage expense,
  • Increase mailing list entries through target mailings,
  • Reduce staff time in completing the direct mail process.

The MDS mailing lists came in the form of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents. These documents contained information related to client’s name, birth date, parents, address, city, state, zip code, telephone numbers, Medicaid number, organization and staff responsible for client and other various information.

Understanding that the MDS staff had limited technical expertise, Blair Technologies developed a client database/mailing list application that is user-friendly and provides for various user permission levels for data access and reporting.

R&R Enterprises Autograph Auctions

R&R Enterprises Autograph Auctions, through, provides online autograph auction details and bidding functionality to registered customers. In addition to their website, R&R provides bidding services through phone, fax and email request via an intranet application.

R&R’s intranet and extranet bidding application had been developed using a Filemaker Pro database backend and as website traffic increased, database performance slowed to “unacceptable level of service”. R&R requested Blair Technologies’ technical expertise in the reengineering of their existing website and the development of an intranet application using Coldfusion programming and a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database to handle “all web-enabled data, with in-office interfaces for time-sensitive office business processes, including telephone, fax and email bid-taking and creating/updating customer files.”

R&R project goals were:

  1. To build a stable, fast online bidding system that will allow for an increase in online traffic, while performing without “unexplained system errors” and general system slowness.
  2. To develop a web-based intranet application that allows for simple data access and processing for data mining and business procedures.
  3. To develop a SQL Server database that integrates with an existing Filemaker Pro database for the exchange of customer and inventory information, as well as, auction results.
  4. Ensure that all systems developed support future development and data needs, while meeting current business needs with minimal data redundancy.

Vision Monday

Vision Monday is a publication produced by Jobson, a leading specialty healthcare publishing, education and marketing company, through the Optical Group. Established in 1987,Vision Monday provides valuable insights into how successful retailers and practitioners build their businesses and stay profitable. Vision Monday is the ophthalmic industry’s leading source of news and news analysis. Vision Monday in print reaches more than 22,000 influential retail buyers. includes all print and electronic news, archive library, industry calendar, and special "only on the web" features. A paid subscription is required for unlimited access.

DSM Environmental Services, Inc.

DSM Environmental Services, Inc. has developed a national and international reputation for waste prevention, recycling and solid waste management consulting. Since our founding in 1988, DSM's expertise has expanded to include comprehensive ecological and environmental planning services such as wetland science investigations, conservation planning, and natural resources inventories and monitoring. Together, DSM staff have successfully served private and public sector clients throughout the United States and in sixteen other nations around the globe. DSM is located in the Upper Connecticut River Valley and is easily accessible to Boston, Hartford, Burlington (VT), and Montreal.

Bunting and Lyon

Bunting and Lyon publishes Private Independent Schools, a guide to preparatory schools and summer programs. Private Independent Schools, now in its 58th edition, emphasizes the value of education and the influence it has on one’s entire life. Bunting and Lyon researches the schools and publishes as "fact without opinion" information on Preschool through Postgraduate programs, allowing easy access to more than 1100 schools in the United States and abroad.

Readers can learn about each school’s history, philosophy, environment, faculty, academic curriculum, athletic and arts programs, and any unique benefits the school provides for its students. Bunting and Lyon also provides a counseling service for parents looking for suitable schools for their children.

Corning NetOptix Diamond Turning Division

Corning NetOptix Diamond Turning Division is the one of the leaders in diamond-turned optics and assemblies for the combined commercial, and mold and defense markets. They are a premier supplier of: optics, optical components, optical assemblies and subsystems and injection mold "masters".

Corning originally contacted Blair Technologies to provide on-site training in the areas of database design and query building to interface with their JobBOSS system, which is built with Microsoft SQL Server and Access for reporting. Shortly after on-site training was conducted, Corning determined that it was more cost effective to contract Blair Technologies for all custom reporting writing versus using accounting department staff. Over the past year, Blair Technologies provided Corning with various accounting, operations and systems reports and have streamlined many of their QA/QC operations with the processes developed by Blair Technologies.