Transform your website from being a simple brochure to becoming your virtual storefront. Everyday around the world, Blair Technologies customers wake up to sales generated overnight -- while they were sleeping.

A Blair Technologies eCommerce Solution fulfills the explicit objective of selling products or services over the World Wide Web by merging online product databases with traditionally offline processes. How you do it is critical. Even the greatest product in the world sells better with proper presentation. We specialize in maximizing your product's sale potential by making the transaction intuitive, secure and easy. Getting the buyer is hard enough, and you don't want your website fighting against your marketing dollar. The way to do this is with integration. It's the behind the scene stuff.

Customers don't care what happens behind the scene, but you do. They care about receiving their order quickly and about being billed accurately. You care about uptime, reliability and the seamless flow of data between your online store and you. You care about inventory accuracy, follow-up emails and reliable credit card processing.

At Blair Technologies, we build E-commerce sites that incorporate robust back end databases to manage the product, inventory, delivery and more. We can even develop your site to fully integrate into your existing POS system -- saving you time and money. We have the experience and expertise to take integration to its logical conclusion.