Custom Applications

Many small businesses find themselves in a niche marketplace without the proper tools to assist them in delivering their services to their clients.  Blair Technologies can not only assist in identifying appropriate tools for small business, but where an appropriate solution isn't available, we're able to use a variety of technologies to develop one.

Imagine a powerful organization-wide software solution that enables complete compatibility across all eBusiness platforms -- from the mainframe to the browser, from UNIX to wireless.

A custom developed Blair Technologies Application is the answer for creating a powerful data management solution specifically designed to give you complete control of your information exactly the way you want it.

An application is more than just a website that displays data. It's a cross platform software program that displays, queries and manipulates data. Standard websites usually consist of two layers -- a Data Layer that holds the information, and a GUI layer that neatly presents it to the client. In an Application, however, often five or more layers are needed to perform the complex tasks that are required -- a GUI Layer, Communications Layer, Middle Ware Layer, Data Layer and a Network Resources Layer. That's where a company like Blair Technologies, with years of experience fits the bill.

Are you a company with multiple retail locations?

Do you need to manage multiple worldwide retail outlets, different shipping warehouses, automated credit card billing and other accounting systems? A Blair Technologies Application solution could rid you of cumbersome third-party products that never do exactly what you want them to do. Not only will your organization have the perfect solution, you will have complete control over growth, future component add-ons and cost. The perfect ROI is a solution that makes better use of your time and money allowing you to do what you do best.

Are you a global overnight shipping specialist?

Do you need to track and trace thousands if not millions of small packages, destinations, delivery times, drivers, delivery costs and third party insurance billings? Do you need access from multiple office locations, the world-wide-web or wireless customer signature tablets? A Blair Technologies Application solution is the perfect answer for complex data management issues. It can increase control, reliability and performance and can be deployed and learned in a matter of days as opposed to months. How? Because we build intuitive Applications that are exactly what you want them to be.