Content Management Systems

Resource allocation and knowledge funnels are eliminated when your organization gets a handle on it's data. Don't let your web site hold your IT department hostage.

A content management system separates content from the design of an online presence and decentralizes maintenance, pushing the responsibility away from the team that administers the technology, and gives it to the knowledge workers who create the content. You can streamline the publication process, simultaneously deliver it to multiple channels and significantly reduce the maintenance workload from your organization's IT staff.

Here are just a few benefits to an integrated Content Management System:

  • Fewer accidents: With a Content Management System (CMS), it becomes very difficult for content assets to be on the site accidentally. Any updates must pass through commissioning, creation and one or more predefined signoff steps before the system will publish it. The resulting audit trail provides accountability for each action.
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed: While it takes HTML code to make a Web page, not every online editor or employee who contributes to a company's Web site should or can become a part-time programmer. With a content management solution, the need for editors to even know what the letters HTML stand for are eliminated.
  • Job Sharing: Many sites are operated by a team distributed between offices, companies or even countries and notifying a participant of an assigned task becomes more complicated than calling across the room. With a Content Management system, everyone always works from the latest data and task lists - virtually eliminating the guesswork.
  • Advance and Refresh: You can specify dates and times for the content to go live and be archived or removed, along with the contents target audience segments. You can also impose review dates to ensure that information is not simply left on the site to rot until a new product replaces it.
  • Speed to Market: When you have a CMS, you suddenly have a tremendous advantage in the time it takes to react to market intelligence. You can write, edit and publish updates in a matter of minutes without suffering from "WebMaster Bottleneck".

With a Blair Technologies full functionality Content Management System you have 24/7 control of every aspect of your web property. We custom build for the client who not only wants to keep their web content up-to-date, but who wants to maintain complete control and reduce long-term development costs. Now, an individual with little more than typing skills can completely and competently maintain and update entire online systems, providing clients with the up-to-date information they demand.