About Us

Who are we?

We are a professional, full service technology team, committed to providing the most efficient, cost - effective web-based technology solutions for you, the small business owner.

Michael Blair, President & CTO

Michael Blair has been in the technology world for over 25 years and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Michael has been heading up departments in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Database Technology, and Web Development since he graduated from COA in Bar Harbor, Maine back in 1991. He is BLAIR Technologies’ technical guru. If you have a question involving technology, he’s your man.


What do we do?

We assist you, the small business owner, in streamlining your business process through the effective use of technology for the lowest possible cost. We take pride in our ability to assist you with all of your technology needs. We can work with you on anything from minor tweaking of your system applications for increased performance and/or ease of use to major system overhaul solutions to get your business on track along with monthly service plans to keep you on track.

We are able to bring you from problem to solution with as little disruption as possible to your time schedule and your budget.


How do we do it?

We accomplish this by working with you to fine tune your existing business processes. When it is necessary to supplement your existing system with an additional application to improve performance and/or efficiency, we can develop a custom application that can be integrated with your existing system in order to maintain your ease of use and also to significantly reduce your cost for upgrading. We also offer on-site technology training for your employees. By empowering your employees to maintain your systems with a limited amount of assistance from us, your IT costs will drop even more.

How do you get started?

We’re just a phone call away………………..

Please feel free to contact us at BLAIR Technologies anytime with questions or comments that you may have. We'd be happy to assist you with any and all of your technology needs.

* For quotes, you can also use our "Request for Quote" form.


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General Inquiries:          Support@BlairTechnologies.com

Technical Assistance:   Michael@BlairTechnologies.com

Snail Mail:

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